Views/suggestions about Current crisis in Coconut Cultivation/Industry

Bindied Tender Coconuts, Conquering MarketsDr. Remany Gopalakrishnan
It was in 1995, the trio P.Sekar Parthasarathy, Bhadri Parthasarathy and P. Prabhakar Parthasarathy acquired 78
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Innovative marketing strategies in JnNURM cities Mini Mathew, Publicity Officer
Coconut Development Board (CDB) is a statutory body established under the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India
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Coconut products consolidate markets in citiesDeepthi Nair. S.
Coconut though classified as an oilseed crop is a horticultural crop
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Marketing strategy for promotion of ball copra and desiccated coconut

GM Siddarameswara Swamy

Ball Copra: Karnataka is the major producer of ball copra in the country. In Karnataka both big and small farmers convert their coconut into ball copra ...... Read full story

Marketing Team of CDB

[From Left to Right: Shri.Gajram Singh, Deputy Director(Development), Mob-09869060302,|Shri.Hemachandra, Deputy Director (Marketing), Mob- 09445489034, |Shri G.M. Siddarameswara Swamy, Senior Technical Officer(Marketing), Mob-09886744928, |Sri. K.S.Sebastian, Assistant Marketing Officer, Mob-09446211460, E_Mail - |
Recommending measures for improving marketing of coconut and its products and recommending measures for regulating imports and exports of coconut and its products is the mandate of the marketing team of CDB. Adopting measures to get incentive prices for coconut and its products and fixing grades, specifications and standards for coconut and its products are also the functions of Marketing Department. The marketing Read full story

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