Kalpatheertha Coconut Producer Co Ltd is an initiative of the coconut farmers of Tumkur district of Karnataka.The Company is incorporated in the year 2016 under the provisions of the Indian Companies Act 2013 as Producer Company in Tumkur District in Karnataka. It is the 11th CPC registered under Coconut Development Board in Karnataka and 64 th coconut producer company in India.

"Not only is coconut oil not a "dietary poison", but it contains a remarkable fat called monolaurin. This medium-chain fat, first discovered in my laboratory, represents one of the most exceptional and inspiring group of fats found in nature. This is the same unique fat, available naturally from mother's milk and coconut oil"

- Jon Kabara, PH.D.,Professor Emeritus, Chemistry and Pharmacology,Michigan State University

"Coconut oil has been described as the "World's Healthiest Dietary Oil". There is a mountain of historical evidence and medical research to verify this fact"

- Bruce Fife,certified nutritionist, naturopathic doctor,President of Coconut Research Center.

"Coconut Water helps in the prevention and treatment of renal disorders. It also serves as an energy drink, and as a therapeutic drink for hypertension. In emergencies, coconut water can be used as a substitute for dextrose."

- - Ramon Ma Epino,The Amazing Tree of Life,Far Eastern Agriculture, 2003

"The palm tree has a long history of providing man with useful materials for his daily life. None is more important than the oils obtained from the palm nut. Coconut and palm kernel oils were recognized as health oils in Ayurvedic medicine almost 4000 years ago. The same health effects were also found in Sanskrit medicine for mother's milk."

-Jon Kabara, PH.D, Professor Emeritus ,Michigan State University and Consultant to Private Industries, Universities and Government Agencies


Health Tips

Coconut Oil Can Protect Hair Against Damage, Moisturize Skin and Function as Sunscreen.

Health Tips

The Fatty Acids in Coconut Oil Are Turned into Ketones, Which Can Reduce Seizures.

Health Tips

The Fatty Acids in Coconut Oil Can Boost Brain Function in Alzheimer's Patients

Health Tips

Coconut Oil Can Help You Lose Fat, Especially The Harmful Abdominal Fat.


Kalpatheertha Coconut Producer Co Ltd
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